Success Story

JAIMIN PANKAJ PATEL at FDU, USA for MS – Pharma Chemistry.

I was granted F-1 visa on 12th Jan 2009, for preparation of which I was guided by Mr. Umesh Patel of Global Marconis Institute. It was a very pleasant experience to work with him.

I was having just 2 days for visa preparation, but within 2 days, the guidance provided to me was main reason for my visa success. They helped me to file up my each & every document. The staff is also co – operative & helpful in any case if I query was being raised.

I am really thankful to Mr. Umesh Patel who was very co-operative and humble nature and kept up updated with my status through whole process.

Thus in a nutshell, this was a really nice experience to work with Global Marconis Institute and I would suggest other students to seek guidance from Mr. Umesh Patel.


JAY PATEL at Canadian Flyers Inc. for Commercial Pilot

I had apply for student visa for  Canada so when I came here I had one question in my mind that will this visa prep pay off in visa prep of Mr. Umesh Patel , who helped me through out this complete process. I successfully got my visa because of Mr. Umesh Patel is very experienced in field of visa consultation and preparation. Further he is very kind and endowed with noble nature. He co-operated with me from beginning of gathering of document till I got my visa.

Further, Global Marconis has highly success visa ratio compare to other consultation agency.

Mr. Umesh Patel helped me through out to prepare my docs for visa and kept me updated with my status during uncle prepare.

It was nice experience working with him. So It was very good decision to go with Global Marconis Institute, and I will be in touch to refer my all friend for foreign education to Global Marconis.


KETUL PATEL at Centennial College, Canada for PG-D- Automation & Robotics

I was granted student visa for Canada on 9th Feb 2009. I had applied in Post Graduation Diploma in Automation & Robotics. During whole process of my visa, I was really very good ruled by Mr. Umesh Patel. When ever, I had doubt and came to Global Marconis, Mr. Patel had personally met me and solved the doubts. He had never refuse my single visit and helped me lot.

I am really thankful to the team of Global Marconis to help me lot, and give me support to get successfully visa of Canada.


KEYUR SHAH at Centennial College, Canada for PG-D- Pharmacy Tech. 

Visa preparation of Global Marconis is excellent & Umesh Sir guide very accurately & give optimum time for visa preparation. The guidance of Umesh Sir is perfect. It is very helpful in getting Canadian student permit but it is the pre –preparation for getting work permit in Canada. Whole staff is highly co-operative & give proper answers in any condition. Umesh Sir had given me lot of confidence for visa after my 1st rejection that is very important. Overall experience with Global Marconis is superb.


DILIP PATEL at Centennial College, Canada for Computer Programming

I was granted Canada student visa on 15th November 2006.
Before I say anything please know my case of student visa. Before I came to Global Marconis, I had many rejections of different countries like, two times U.K. student visa rejection, two times Ireland student visa rejection, one time Australia rejection, here is not end. I am rejected three times for Canada, normal person would stop dreaming of foreign studies. But thanks to Umesh Patel who has a positive attitude and he told me that Dilip believe in me and yourself and finally in forth trial I got my student visa.
Mr. Umesh Patel should be known as Doctor Umesh Patel because according to me he has done Ph. D. in Canadian visa process. He is earning for student satisfaction and not for money. I wish him all the best and play to fulfill his future vision.




PARTH K PATEL at Uni of Findlay, Canada for Ms- Healthcare Management

I was granted F1 visa on 30th March, 2009. I was fully supported by the staff members and especially Mr. Umesh Patel.
I had a very pleasant time during this three months of my admission process.
The visa preparation was fantastic and received information very precise and point to point. Surprisingly apart from Mr. Umesh Pastel, the staff members are equally knowledgeable regarding application process & visa preparation.
I got the perfect guidelines and counseling that they helped me at an important point of my career. The institute is very friendly & kind to work with it.